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Writing for Rookies #27: The Perils of Waiting for Permission

This episode discusses the foolhardy attitude some writers possess in regards to waiting for approval or permission to create their material. Brandon gives hard advice about being a self-starter.

Posted 12/15/2015 03:31 PM

WRITING FOR ROOKIES Episode 25: Interview with FAKE ID author Lamar Giles!

Brandon interviews YA author Lamar Giles about his upcoming novel FAKE ID from Harper Collins. Lamar discusses his influences, his inspirations, the number of times he re-wrote his query letters and the struggles with getting an African-American male lead character past the industry gatekeepers.

Posted 01/16/2014 06:38 PM

WRITING FOR ROOKIES Episode 22: The Two Rules of Hollywood & Nobody Reads Scripts Anymore!

Brandon discusses Ron Marz’s article regarding professionals accepting scripts at major conventions and dishes the dirt on the two rules of Hollywood: 1) No one gives a shit about you, 2) Everyone assumes you’re a liar. Give it a listen. It could make all the difference in your writing career.

Posted 06/29/2013 12:12 PM

WRITING FOR ROOKIES Episode 21: Are Modern Geeks Entitled Whiners? (a.k.a. Critique vs. Cynicism)

Brandon Easton wonders if geeks in the 21st century have become too spoiled and therefore ungrateful about all the wonderful movies, TV shows and books currently available? Have we lost the ability to enjoy anything?

Posted 05/02/2013 03:32 PM

WRITING FOR ROOKIES EPISODE 14: Interview with Nigel Clarke

Brandon interviews independent comic book creator Nigel Clarke as they discuss Nigel’s series MASTERNEVER AND THE FLOW OF DEATH. Nigel reveals his influences, obstacles, why he made the decision to pursue his writing career and the tough lessons he learned along the way.

Posted 09/25/2011 05:20 AM

WRITING FOR ROOKIES #10: California Schemin'

Brandon discusses the business of writing in Los Angeles and also discusses the new Shadowlaw message board: http://shadowlawonline.proboards.com/

Posted 02/11/2009 11:04 AM


Brandon discusses his reasons for moving from NYC to Los Angeles and also explores why people should consider going for their dreams despite the sacrifices.

Posted 09/14/2008 10:50 AM


In this episode, Brandon interviews Geoffrey Thorne, author of STAR TREK: TITAN – SWORD OF DAMOCLES and discusses the ways that new writers can approach science-fiction and the challenges of developing new writers of color in the publishing world. His website: http://betterangelsnovel.blogspot.com/

Posted 07/10/2008 07:41 AM