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Hello everyone.

This is the website companion to the upcoming podcast series WRITING FOR ROOKIES.

Here, I will give advice, opinions, news, and helpful links for those who wish to break into the world of fiction writing. This podcast will be mostly about breaking into the science-fiction genre and the comic book industry.

However, anyone who seeks clear and uncomplicated advice on how to jumpstart a writing career will need to listen to this show on a regular basis.

I can not promise to have all the answers, just the right ones for you to get started from scratch.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at SHADOWLAWCOMIC@GMAIL.COM

By Brandon Easton 03/22/2008 01:32 PM

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  1. eugene argent wrote on 03/22/2008 07:41 PM

    Thank you for this. I have a lot to learn.

  2. Dwight L. MacPherson wrote on 03/22/2008 09:07 PM

    Well done, man! As cynical as I am... I'd never dream of doing this. Hahahaha! I'll be tuning in, my friend. -D

  3. geoffrey thorne wrote on 03/22/2008 09:22 PM

    Bring the noise, man. Speak the truth.

  4. Cozmo wrote on 03/23/2008 12:25 AM

    I'll be tuning in. I bust out podcasts in my car when I get tired of listening to music during my horrible commute. :)

  5. Raad El-Alawi wrote on 03/23/2008 03:40 AM

    Good job Brandon! Entertaining, Informative and I've subscribed.

  6. Vicky wrote on 03/23/2008 01:52 PM

    Great job B! This is gonna help a lot of writers out there.

  7. Andre Owens wrote on 03/23/2008 04:00 PM

    Thanks for the info Brandon. Very helpful.

  8. Odell Goodman wrote on 03/23/2008 08:29 PM

    Thanks Brandon, You gave some great pointers. With heaing this I see that I am on the right path. Thanks man!

  9. Doug Taylor wrote on 03/24/2008 06:53 AM

    Excellent episode Brandon! Great tips and information. Once you begin to populate your show with more episodes we'd like to consider featuring it on the PodcastPeople home page. Let us know if you have interest. BTW, did you use the online flash recorder to record this? Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from Writing for Rookies. Kind regards, Doug Taylor Founder / CEO Modified Media, Inc.

  10. Kristopher Mosby wrote on 03/24/2008 10:32 AM

    Thanks for putting this up, man! Write On!!!

  11. Stephen Lindsay wrote on 03/24/2008 02:03 PM

    This is terrific! Well done, sir!

  12. sigmund maley wrote on 03/28/2008 08:24 PM

    i dug it! it was informative in a personable way. it did'nt talk over your head or utilize so much jargon that it sound preachy or boring.it was like sitting in the comic shop talking comics with a fellow patron.

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